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A “Free Android tablet”? Methinks not! May 11, 2017

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Another day, another scam – spread the word!

I just received an URGENT, rather rather official looking and unusual piece of mail suggesting that a “gifting department” was sending me an Android Touchpad Tablet and a $50 prepaid Visa card  reportedly valued at $199.99. The document was signed by (using an M… squiggle) reportedly  the Vice President of the Regional Awards Division, The document looked like a check, had a check number but contradicts itself in a memo line saying this has no cash value and is not a check.

If you get one of these refer it to your local police department as a potential fraud attempt and let’s shut these folks down!

This was sent from some vague and grandiose sounding “Accounting Division” with an address of 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #405 Washington DC- which is actually a UPS Store! After a little digging it seems that if you call the number you (and your spouse/partner – suitable and pre-screened to be of financial means) will be invited to collect your tablet and prepaid visa card from a nearby location. The collection point has to be attended by both parties as a couple and just happens to be at an upcoming, high-pressure timeshare/vacation sales event.

We can see where this is going, those poor souls that have actually fallen for this come-on are given the usual 90 minute timeshare type selling debacle, harangued and harried to drive most folks away before they ever get to the point of acquiring the “no charge (underscored) tablet and pre-paid visa card.

These type of scams started in Florida and have been going on for over 5 years garnering hundreds of complaints!



[SCAM baiting Central] Windows Service Center calling October 15, 2014

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The phone rang early this morning, a call reportedly from AIG-Corp (212) 458 7243. A man calling himself Dan with what sounded like a heavy Indian or Pakistani accent allegedly working for the Windows Service Center. Having received a number of these calls before my first thought was to simply hang up. Instead, since I still had my coffee to finish off, I started asking the questions starting with where they were calling from – it sounded like “Dulls Testes” – I said you mean “Dallas Texas”? He was calling to inform me that my Windows computer “was causing virus”. I knew what would be coming next so I ask for another telephone number in case we get “cut off” (214) 272 0277. About this time I hear the phone being snatched away then someone with a lot better English tried to explain about how my Windows system was reportedly attacking the internet and if I would allow them to connect to my PC they could remotely fix the problem (yeah right).

They want me to install a program called AMMYY (which is actually a free remote-control software for WIndows). I ask why Microsoft would want me to load a non-Microsoft program? I then ask for the IP address my machine is supposedly using, he doesn’t have that available and by now the caller is clearly getting irritated. I realize that since I was in fact using a Mac at that time I could follow along and this is not going to work, but feigning some denseness, I haven’t told him that yet. Eventually when I reveal I am using a Mac, the gig is up and he starts hurling numerous expletives, after I suggest he seek another profession or source of income and I hang up. After a little more research baiting the Windows Service Center scam folks is become something of a popular “sport” captured and reported such as this example on Youtube (you will notice dozens of similar recordings).

The Dallas number (214) 272 0277 is surprisingly listed under the Dallas BBB, I suspect it is may be an auto-populated reference. Though it does seem to have an actual postal address of 12800 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75243-2104 (looks like a field on Google Street View)!

Microsoft has clearly stated they do not engage in calling customers with this type of “service” they even have a community notice regarding AMMYY:

As for the phone numbers – if you see these numbers below on your caller ID Beware! Searching them both on Google or Bing reveals numerous scam complaints going back over 4 years. The AIG-Corp CID is clearly (and illegally) spoofed!

(212) 458 7243 – AIG Corp

(214) 272 0277

Now here’s a thought, I get a lot of notifications from places like Nigeria offering me opportunities to make millions of dollars if I provide a name, address and phone number. Perhaps the Windows Service Center would like me to refer them to those opportunities *evil grin*

Is the term “Good Politician” an Oxymoron? August 6, 2009

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Why would anyone want to be a politician – and what makes a good politician?

Given the long trail of disasters, misguided conflicts, massive financial mismanagement and pandering to the general ignorance of the population. Why do we continue to let politicians actually run things, is it simply because they are capable of convincing the masses they can deliver something more than just the rhetoric? At the end of the day, all many of them appear to deliver are haughty attitudes, some soundbites, a slogan which manifests itself in an army of highly paid and lowly motivated civil servants. It’s really all one big lie!

So on those thoughts could it really be that a “good” politician is effective in selling the lie. An “outstanding” politician actually believes in the lie.

Who should we get to run cities, states and countries? It seems if we had any sense it would be anyone BUT a good politician!!!

I just found this essay from Bluepete that seems to cover the issues much more thoroughly: