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Adult neurogenesis – Article on developing individuality and more neurons via exploration August 7, 2013

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Fascinating study on the “value” of exploration when it comes to growing new brain cells!

Increased risk acceptance => more exploration => more neurons => more innovation => $Value$ ?


Animals that explored the environment to a greater degree also grew more new neurons than animals that were more passive.

….. gotta keep the environment rich with plenty of opportunities out there and encouragement for our folks to go exploring 🙂

When viewed from educational and psychological perspectives, the results of our experiment suggest that an enriched environment fosters the development of individuality

 this actually flies in the face of a typical enterprise drive towards extreme compliance, common working platforms, enterprise acceptable templates and a limited set of identical tools while trying to move everyone into a “standard” working environment …. hmm are we actually killing brain cells with this strategy?

Just some thoughts to mull over as we plunge ever onward towards our enterprise perfectionist vision of location unity,  corporate sameness and homogeneity!