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“Re-Noobin” in Eve – Tip #1 June 24, 2009

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So far its been a blast back at being a “nub” or “noob” 🙂

First tips that worked for me:

Before going out and buying the Eve retail box …. use a spare EMail account to request and play the 14 day trial. Create characters with forgettable names and try out all the races, missions and seek out the riskier places since you will invariably make all the common noob mistakes but have a very laissez-faire time of it all. Assuming you are still engaged in the game, on day 13 buy the retail box and create your actual account and characters you intend to keep for the long haul.

This method works particularly well if you have two PCs, load the EVE client on both, get some characters in the same station and shovel all the gear and resources from the throwaway account. Bear in mind you can’t move ISK (Eve’s in-game currency) but you can move consumables so you essentially end up buying big piles of stuff on the throwaway account (i.e. ammo, ships and equipment) to trade with your permanent characters (a sort of Eve self laundering).

This gives your “real” characters a good leg up and will let you hold off plunging in to join the first jump-gate recruiting corporation that tempts you with gear since you’ll have a stockpile of your own.

With initial character creation, race is a fairly minor choice other than getting the “look” you might want your Eve persona to have there are some differences in the ship types but given Eve’s skill path system it seems that you can always train any race to fly any other race’s ships that might take your fancy 🙂

Starting attributes can make a difference – it seems the least useful for the average player is charisma. The recommended treatment is to “remap” 2 of the attribute points from charisma into attributes that will assist your starting skills, intelligence, perception etc.