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A “Free Android tablet”? Methinks not! May 11, 2017

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Another day, another scam – spread the word!

I just received an URGENT, rather rather official looking and unusual piece of mail suggesting that a “gifting department” was sending me an Android Touchpad Tablet and a $50 prepaid Visa card  reportedly valued at $199.99. The document was signed by (using an M… squiggle) reportedly  the Vice President of the Regional Awards Division, The document looked like a check, had a check number but contradicts itself in a memo line saying this has no cash value and is not a check.

If you get one of these refer it to your local police department as a potential fraud attempt and let’s shut these folks down!

This was sent from some vague and grandiose sounding “Accounting Division” with an address of 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #405 Washington DC- which is actually a UPS Store! After a little digging it seems that if you call the number you (and your spouse/partner – suitable and pre-screened to be of financial means) will be invited to collect your tablet and prepaid visa card from a nearby location. The collection point has to be attended by both parties as a couple and just happens to be at an upcoming, high-pressure timeshare/vacation sales event.

We can see where this is going, those poor souls that have actually fallen for this come-on are given the usual 90 minute timeshare type selling debacle, harangued and harried to drive most folks away before they ever get to the point of acquiring the “no charge (underscored) tablet and pre-paid visa card.

These type of scams started in Florida and have been going on for over 5 years garnering hundreds of complaints!



Some assembly required! Success as a Service! September 7, 2010

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How extensively are dissertation services used to falsely obtain educational qualifications?

What value is there in an education assessment system where a significant number of “successful” students derive that have achieved that success via leveraging a professional essay, thesis and dissertation service?

I was dismayed to see these posts in the Craigslist services section:

Essay Emergency Writing Services, Confidential, Affordable, Urgent
“Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate clients.
Premiered and renowned personalized writing service for International Students from China, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East “

I can certainly understand a little help with a critique, editing essays or simple assistance for thesis work but to completely outsource the production effort makes the derived qualifications something of a joke. No wonder there are so many honors graduates who apparently can’t spell or string some sentences together when they arrive in the workplace.