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DMV = Department of Misguided Values! September 9, 2015

Posted by wastedspacer in Government.
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Earlier this year we bought a BMW i3 electric vehicle. It puts the “fun” back in funky, my wife and I affectionately refer to the new wheels as Sparkie.

For our anniversary, my wife ordered an appropriate custom plate for the i3 – namely SPARK13 (Sparkie and Sparki3 were already in use). Otherwise this seemed to me a pretty innocuous request. Imagine our surprise when we received a letter that the plate designation had been refused after being scrutinized and presumably extensively researched by the sinister sounding DMV Special Processing Unit!  According to the mandarins at this unit there may be an alleged gang affiliation and they use of CA Vehicle Code Section 5105 to deny our request. Seriously, do they think any self-respecting gang-banger is going to brag and get any street cred seen driving an EV?


So dear DMV, you keep asking the public for more money to fix the ocean of potholes crippling California freeways. Why not look closer to home to see the types of low-value activities where you appear to employ a significant number of well compensated staff.

I searched for images, references and other possible known gang affiliations but turned up nothing matching the reference. The closest thing I could find suggests the affiliation they picked up on could be this Hispanic gang out of Santa Clarita: “Val Verde park 13“. I would have to recharge the i3 a couple of times along the way to even make it to Santa Clarita!

I am totally nonplussed! Compared to all the paraphernalia they CAN’T control like gang derived stencils, ganger styling, bumper stickers and car-paint schemes – the license plate is a miniscule and almost irrelevant issue! In fact I would suggest that having gang affiliation license plates would make law-enforcement tracking of “persons -of-interest” MUCH easier!

Based on recent estimates, the California DMV currently employs approaching ten thousand personnel. Given the average employee expected salary and burden, the costs to the taxpayer should be well North of $1 billion. Saving some of this burden by eliminating pointless processes might mean there is more money left over to go and fix more of those darned potholes!


Rant over, drive safe out there!