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Seagate bakes in security September 23, 2009

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Looks like Seagate has now standardized on producing drives with native encryption features baked in to their enterpise products – consumer products should be next! With this direction, other HD manufacturers should quickly follow suit.

This direction should make corporate/government encryption at rest standards a lot more achievable. An added bonus would be a reduced performance overhead caused by software such as Bitlocker.

Here’s the full article:

The Register Article


Real Criminals use Sony Playstations June 24, 2009

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Here’s an amazing story from the UK. It would seem that there is a generally accepted rule that people that are in prison are not permitted direct unsupervised communication. True that smuggled cellphones and radios do often appear but those are quickly confiscated. One area that seems to have been overlooked is game consoles. Here’s a report from the UK where communications subsystems within games running on Sony PS3s are used by criminals inside prison to organize crimes on the outside. I guess planning Grand Theft Auto while playing the game of the same name must be the height of irony:


What next? – Twitter Spam Stalking June 23, 2009

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A disturbing trend, that it would appear that many Twitter users have experienced, is a significant increase in the number of fake followers who simply have what equates to a spam page and a link! Simply blocking the site is the obvious solution but the numbers have suddenly taken a noticeable increase forcing me to block followers on a regular basis.

The most recent ones were attempts to get the reader to click on what appears to be typical spam Porn, Advance Fee Fraud and Pharmaceutical links. Wondering what steps that Twitter is taking to alleviate this? It certainly appears that this has been emerging for some time and perhaps the more prolific Twitterers have been the initial target but it seems to have trickled down to the rest of us 😦