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Ground Control to Major Tom – Eve Capsules January 29, 2010

Posted by wastedspacer in Games I'm Playing, The Fun Stuff.

If you want to move ships around in Eve and a shuttle won’t fit in the hold – try flying naked!

A fundamental element of Eve is that the players are referred to as “Capsuleers”. That means while operating a ship your player is not in a seat but instead in a capsule…. so when your ship gets blown up you fly and warp around in a little peapod thing called a capsule. You can also right click on your ship in the hangar and select “leave ship” your capsule will then pop up as the active ship and you can undock, fly to another station, dock up and make another ship docked there active then fly it away.

The only danger is from another player who could theoretically kill (aka pod) you possibly by even unintended proximity collateral damage. In higher security space, this is very unusual however some suicide pirates have been known to use area effect smartbombs at stargates against large targets such as the recent “Hulkageddon” competitions (they will pretty quickly get themselves killed by Concord and gate guns but their objective was achieved).

I believe the rapidity of response is based on the level above 0.5 security.

If you are in a ship or shuttle, a smartbomb blast could possibly destroy the ship but not the capsule, if you are only in a capsule then it is possible could get killed then your clone gets activated.

You can also choose to eject your capsule from the ship and use it to “board” an unoccupied ship in space. I have discovered an unoccupied ship once or twice and helped myself to it 🙂

Happy capsuleering!



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